January 11, 2010

big bang.

not posting since november 18th, that is a long time. it's holidays and i should be keeping up to date with things seeing as i have so much spare time on my hands! oh well, i've been having fun :D last weekend i travelled down to hobart to the Soundscape festival. i went down with a few friends and we stayed in a very seedy backpackers and i listened to scary people yelling at one another outside a scary green-glowing church! Soundscape was pretty average although i had a very good view of the grates and empire of the sun! EOTS may have put a spell on me, i have been listening to the same two of their songs for over half an hour now..aha. then the next day our bus didnt leave until 6pm and we had to be out by 10am so we walked around hobart city then caught a bus into eastlands! eight hours of walking, nandos, cotton on, japaneses stores and money wasting is very tiring. at a small japanese store, called Niko Niko, i bought a keyring and spent $22 on ONE My Neighbour Totoro hair band, which i thought was two, big spend! altogether, it was a very messed up, enjoyable weekend!! :D i am very sunburnt too and just went for a walk at the hottestpart of the day and am looking forward to vegeterian pizza for din dins ♥ keyring has glitter in it, too :D


  1. I do enjoy reading what you have been up to crazy girl!!! At least you had your friends to help pass away the time and spend money. Maybe the MS Festival will be better!! Ardie xxxx

  2. ms fest will be bad! :(
    im not even going ha.