January 31, 2010

yesterday, i ate a candy necklace.

I has no job, i can't buy clothes! :(
I am hoping this week i will be buying a pair of vintage tan or black coloured brogues off e-bay then the january issue of US vogue, purely for the shoot of The Horrors! Also i plan on starting on my future plans, i am entering a fashion blogger contest to blog for a magazine on a certain brand and also do some japanese homework so i can go at the end of this year!I'm thinking about doing photography also this year, instead of modern world history.. something more artsy and fun than doing not so exciting essays. so many things on my mind! like: should i dye my hair black or dark brown, when will i watch 15 more star trek episodes, when will i bother to do japanese revision and where the hell am i going past today! i feel rather lost... Today i made maple flavoured pancakes with benji with lots of ice cream and sugar! Benji also taught me how to use the synthesizer! Too bad i cannot play key board, and he taught him slef so he cant really teach me. :( it all started when David Bowie said "I want to learn the synth and sax" in a concert I was watching the ohter day. And not to mention Rhys from The Horros, who plays keyboards and is a very stylish man. ;)
I am also going to apply at lookbook.nu, it is invite only but i'm going to apply :D something else fun to do.
and... I AM STARVING. >__< and i want to buy Ponyo.. :D
this is a look from lookbook.nu, i love it!
I'd really like some tights like that and also her hair, mine will if i dye it, yay!

1. collaborating fashion ideas.
2. the horrors and joy division.
3. facebook, aha.
4. star trek.
5. vegeterian lentil patties!
6. spiderman comics.
7. lookbook.com.
8. watching my rats run crazy.
9. hair styles.
10. studded boots! and brogues.

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