November 18, 2009


a few months late on my report, BUT, a new Alien movie is to be made and hopfeully up to be viewed by (american?) summer! i have never been so excited in my entire life time. the director will be the same as with the originals, Ridley Scott, so hoping it will be just as much of a masterpiece as the original 1979 version! i love myself a pretty xenomorph.

i only just discovered that there is also a playstation one game for alien resurrection! i need it now for my pink ps2, to go with my $9 Godzilla: save the earth game that i bought. the alien game was released in 2000 so i'd say im only 10 years short of knowing? damn. im going to have to find it on e-bay!

im sick at the moment, which leaves nothing much to do, considering its holidays. so i've become more addicted to e-bay, the walking with dinosaurs/monsters/beasts/cavemen documentar series, playstation and POKEMON the most!

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