August 9, 2009

add a little parasite.


woweee, love love love them. old school sci fi = my new favourite thing. i work at a video store and i have decided to rent out the entire sciencce fiction section. even though that will cost ALOT. i also really like Ed Wood's films. i've seen the movie about his life, with johnny depp in it, and they look so cool! aha B grade movies, they're brilliant too :) so i am hoping that i can find some somewhere to rent or buy :D meep, so good. i am hopefully getting the alien box set for my birthday in just under two months. and cocnut perfume from the body shop! :) i love coconut scented things :)

i am currently sick, which means no school. yayy ^__^ although i will have to get started on my art piece, on tea parties. i need four ideas. i have some.

what do you think of when someone say "tea parties?"

yesterday i bought the latest yen magazine, yeah i know, im a bit slow ha. that, along with my other favourite frankie, are goooooooooooooood :D even benjamin enjoys a flick through. i like the makeup and fashion articles and most of the time the artists or photographers featured in them are brilliant! at one stage i wanted to write for yen or frankie, not so sure now though, so many things to choose from. but it would be such an awesome job!

my next post, i will have some exciting news. for me anyway :D :D

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