June 30, 2011

'you're not busy, you're five.'

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It has been three weeks since I last posted and I am sorry to anyone that bothers to check! I have been working late nights most nights for the last couple of weeks and basically get home and sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow! I have been working, decided to finally go to Japan (later in the year), made some Spock dolls and have them up for sale at a local store 'The Rabbit Hole' which is really exciting! Also watched Star Trek: The Animated series, finished X-Files, read quite a few Batman comics (just getting into i and they're so good!), watched alot of movies and consumed alot of sushi actually. Nothing overly exciting except for the Spock Dolls, so if you live in Launceston and want one, go to the Rabbit Hole and buy one, or two! I will soon be making keyring sized characters aswell, other than Star Trek ones and a Batman softy for a special someone! :D
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June favourite:
- Tim Burton love is getting bigger.
- Cat's Eyes album on repeat.
- Tofu Sushi.
- Batman comics.
- Japan trip planning.
- Pumping out some artwork.
- Cider.
- Zelda Phantom Hourglass on my 3DS.

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