July 17, 2010

its hard to save the world, when you're falling in love.

I live off liquorice lately! Bought some red, mango and blackcurrant! :D Bought Shutter Island as it is amazing and Mew Mew Power was only $3 a volume and watched it! Its lovely! EEEE. Guess all I have done this week is homework, saw Grown ups which was pretty funny, bought a dinosaur doona cover and another baking set all for $22! Had wine time with Stef thursday night, as I cant tonight (Saturday) as I have work at 8am tomorrow! Oh the pain. I need to go on an op-shop adventure, I am running out of clothes slowly! I also bought Ponyo and original King Kong for $5! MADE MY DAY :D  Thinking about going to QLD for animation next year? Does anyone know about the Griffith University Animation course...

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